Caliber Slide-In

Chef Collection Premium tier 30" Slide-In Range

Client: Samsung Digital Appliances Division
Date: March 2, 2011
Services: Lead Industrial Designer

The Chef Collection targeted up-market competitors in both the GE Profile, and entry level KitchenAid lineup. In order to fill out that line-up Samsung used its experience in free-standing ranges to build it’s first ever Flex-Duo slide-in range. Our primary task to create a premium design language which integrated a touch backlit segmented UX for advanced oven control in a two cavity oven, while transferring and upgrading the typical rear mounted knobs of the mass market freestanding range to the front panel.

Pictured above, is the Guiding Light UI, the result of  insights gleaned from user research in both the US and Canada.  The left to right hierarchy creates an intuitive first read while separating out oven temp/time controls for both cavities and a warming drawer. The PUI insights led us to add LED’s on the blade of the burner knob so that an on-state could be more easily seen from a distance day or night, along with strong positive click for the push to turn knobs to avoid accidentally turning a burner on.

On the left is the all stainless UI Panel with bevel glass top and inset UI panel flanked by capacitive touch  buttons,  backed with a mounted segmented LED display for oven controls.

On the right is the impact resistant Gorilla-Glass UI with identical controls and components.

The Caliber UX and PUI has been employed in the Chef Collection since 2016, and was the basis of  the BeSpoke Slide-In Range starting in 2020